Hello, I’m Grace Tse, and I am Major in The Salvation Army. I grew up in beautiful Hong Kong, and I have been lucky to travel to various locations and lands here in Oakland, California serving the people of the Bay Area. This year marks 29 years for me with The Salvation Army, and it has been the best journey of my life. I am retiring from my current position at the Chinatown Corps in December 2016, and I can honestly say I will miss it all. I am proud to know that I have helped and saved many souls that I continue to keep outstanding relationships with. Through The Salvation Army I have obtained two degrees: Bachelors of Science in Christianity and a Masters in Religious Education. I joined The Salvation Army because I have always had a strong belief in Christianity, and I could not pass up the opportunity to help people through the word of God. Before retiring, I hope to create and provide more educational programs in the community of Chinatown.


Major Grace is here to help, For further assistance or information you can stop by, call at 510-645-9710 or email directly here.