Meet Lieutenants John and Kyna Kelley, originally born and raised in the old west town of Tucson, Arizona. Prior to entering The Salvation Army Western Territory’s College for Officer Training at Crestmont, both John and Kyna attended Pima Community College where they studied a variety of fields including Real Estate Law, Estate planning, Business Management and Child Psychology. They first married in 1999. John was a single father of two, and Kyna was a convenient store clerk attending college. After being married for a few years, they found their little family battling everything life had to offer. They decided to divorce and lead separate lives until God’s guidance opened their eyes and the Kellys eventually reunited in marriage. They stated, “We made sure to do it right this time and made God the center of our relationship.” The Kellys now have five wonderful children: Kristina (22), Shelby (21), Samantha (14), Matthew (6), and Nicole (4), as well as one beautiful granddaughter named Khloee, who is 2. They enjoy going to amusement parks, car shows, and playing sports. Also, as a family they love watching movies and spending quality time together at home.


Lieutenant Kyna was introduced to The Salvation Army by a close friend who had found hope and a job there. Kyna attended a recovery meeting held at The Salvation Army's Tucson Amphi Corps, and every event after that. Kyna eventually landed a job at the Amphi Corp Youth Center and thrived in the environment. She shared her stories with John about her progress and he jumped on the opportunity to see what it was about. Lieutenant John states, “From the moment I walked in the door, I was accepted for who I was. It made such an impact on my life. I fell in love with The Salvation Army and those who call it home.” In 2005 they joined to become officers and embraced every opportunity presented to them.  They have learned countless lessons on their journey in The Salvation Army, but the main one that keeps presenting itself is "Others." Others play a huge role in their lives, and they appreciate the opportunity to help, build and have an impact in any situation. The Kellys choose to serve God through The Salvation Army because The Salvation Army's mission parallels with that of their own of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and meeting human needs in His name without discrimination. The Kellys state, “Our goals for this Hayward Corps are to maintain the programs in existence and to continue growing as a body in the Word and as a family. In the near future we are praying for a new facility in which we will be able to expand our programs and services to the community.”


If you have any questions or would like to contact the Kellys about the current programs, you can contact either Lieutenant John Kelley or Lieutenant Kyna Kelley by email, calling at 510-581-6444 or stopping by.